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Petra attracts more than 86K visitors in May 2022

The Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) released statistics on Wednesday indicating 86,322 people visiting Petra in May 2022. In last month’s figures, 60,640 of the visitors were of foreign nationalities, while Arab and Jordanian nationalities accounted for 25,670 visitors. In May 2019, the city welcomed 87,622 visitors, of which 81,268 were foreigners and 4,873 were Arabs and Jordanians.

Petra attracts more than 86K visitors in May 2022Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the PDTRA, Suliman Farajat, said the red-rose city experienced an active tourism movement in May, adding that the present number of visitors is closer to what was reported for 2019, indicating that the tourism sector is recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to preserve the city’s heritage and global tourism value, the PDTRA will provide the highest quality services for its visitors.

Several high-end hotels are being built in Petra with a capacity of 900 rooms, which will generate 500 jobs once they are fully operational. Petra offers investment incentives in the tourism and light industry sectors, and there are plans to add new rooms to the existing 2,600 hotel rooms. A number of tourism agreements have been signed by the authority, he noted, including hot air balloon rides and flying taxis. Red-rose city will launch several new projects this year, including a heritage village, tourism road, visitors center, air ferry, and adventure vehicles.

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